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The opinions and comments on this site don't necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone in the entire universe other than the author. There are things here that will certainly offend some people (everybody at one time or another) and if you have such a frail psyche that you would feel the need to pass a law, picket, firebomb or decry the direction of civilization and decency then turn tail and go to a site that won't impede your misguided sense of liberty. Otherwise, enjoy and I hope to hear from you whether you agree or want to call me (naughty) names.

The images, graphics, cartoons, photos, podcasts and other stuff, unless otherwise specified, are the property of and stealing is bad. Feel free to look, listen and react to the things you see and hear here, but any use of the images, cartoons, photos, podcasts and other stuff for profit, plagiarism or other "illegal" uses without the permission of or its' designee is just plain wrong.

Some things you can do with the graphics, cartoons, photos, podcasts and other stuff on this site:

  • Look at and agree wholeheartedly with me and my views,

  • Look at and disagree wholeheartedly with me and my views,

  • Anything in-between the first and second bullet points,

  • Using a cartoon as toilet paper - please print it on paper first,

  • Print a copy, take it to work and talk about it,

  • Link to this site, as long as any by-lines remain intact,

  • Send cartoons through email, with applicable by-lines,

  • Yell at them,

  • And just about anything else that doesn't violate copyright laws.

Some things you can't do with the graphics, cartoons, photos, podcasts and other stuff on this site:

  • Reprint, transmit, alter or use in any commercial manner without the express permission of,

  • Anything that violates copyright laws,

  • Change the by-line or hide the origin of the material,

  • Try to get me censored for having an opinion,

  • Be offended -- go somewhere else,

Back in the old days, it would just be sufficient to say "be nice."

So, be nice.

Privacy Policy

Nothing is private, especially on the internet. Having said that, we do use cookies for session tracking, but no sensitive data is collected or retained.

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We don't sell or use your data for any unpleasant purposes. We are nice people.  

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Most of the cartoons on this site are available for publication in your newspaper, on your website or just about anyplace that printing an editorial cartoon makes sense.

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